Mattress pads ensure a longer lifespan of the mattress. We produce the EZO – Jute Felt Deck, Optinop® – anti-slip, Ferro – fire-retardant and the Boxtinop® – anti-slip for the box spring.


The Optinop® is a registered name under which we sell our non-slip mattress protectors. The Optinop® is a polyester mattress protector that has wear-resistant anti-slip studs on the underside, which ensure that the mattress does not slide. The Optinop® is dust-free, has great air permeability and is washable at 60°C.


This felt cover consists of approximately 85% jute and can be used under any mattress on any type of bed. The protector is lined and provided with a beautiful white coating. Dust-free, simple, problem-free and yet very good ventilation because no foil is used.


Fire-retardant textiles are becoming increasingly important. In particular for the shipping, hotel and leisure industry. The Ferro is a fire-retardant mattress pad and complies with the EN ISO 12952 standard and is washable at 60°C.


The Boxtinop® is a registered name and has been developed to prevent the mattress from sliding on a box spring bed. The material is fitted with wear-resistant anti-slip studs on both sides. Headboards and footboards are no longer necessary to keep your mattress in place, even with adjustable beds. The article is also suitable for laying under mattress toppers. The Boxtinop® is available as standard in three sizes: 60 x 170 cm (1 person), 100 x 170 cm (2 persons) and 140 x 170 cm (twin beds) and can be washed at 60°C.

Moltons in various designs

Eco de Luxe: 380 g/m², unbleached cotton, non-shrinkable and washable at 60°C
Standard: 210 g/m², cotton, double roughened and washable at 60°C
Topper – Splittopper: 210 g/m², cotton, double roughened and washable at 60°C
Stretch: 200 g/m², stretch cotton and washable at 60°C
Waterproof: 190 g/m², waterproof cotton, washable at 95°C
Pillowcases: 210 g/m², cotton, zipper and washable at 60°C