Since 1835, the Zwartz family has been a common thread through the history of the textile industry in Twente. This makes our company not only one of the oldest textile factories in the Netherlands, but also one of the few that survived the turbulent developments in the industry.

Under its own steam, with direct investment of every cent earned in new machines and techniques. A healthy formula, which, in combination with a conscious choice for diversification and a consistent adherence to the “small is beautiful” principle, has led to successful growth, which is now taking shape further among the fifth generation.

In July 2002 we moved to a brand new 12,500 m² commercial building equipped with all the new gadgets in the field of production areas, climate control and logistics. In this way we are confident that we can provide an even better service to our customers.

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SI. Zwartz B.V. has a wide range of different products related to jute, linen, cotton and non-woven material. The range consists of a wide range of decorative products, mattress pads, cleaning cloths, gauze rags and (jute) fabrics. Partly due to the diversity of the range, S.I. Zwartz B.V. a lot of experience in weaving different raw materials.

Within the decorative sector, SI Zwartz B.V. has become an established name both at home and abroad with the Sizo® brand.



As a sister company of S.I. Zwartz B.V. has Zwartz Laminating–Converting B.V. over 30 years of experience in laminating, coating and converting various materials. Due to the knowledge gained in recent decades, Zwartz Laminating–Converting B.V. a reliable partner in the field of product development.

Thanks in part to three different laminating and coating techniques, up to a maximum width of 250 cm and internal know-how, Zwartz Laminating – Converting B.V. to many different markets and sectors.